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   Gloria McClay - President of Canine Connection                                           

Experienced Dog Training Instructor for 25 years. First to introduce KPT (1988) and Adolescent (1993) Classes into the Berkshires.

Under the kennel name, Gloria Schipperkes and Rottweiler's, have been Breeder, Owner, Handler of numerous AKC Obedience Titled and Champions.

Numerous students have gained AKC Obedience Titles and Champion dogs under Gloria's instructions.



     Proprietor of Berkshire Dog Training.


     President & Director of Berkshire Canine Services.


     Principal Instructor of Family Dog School.

Great Barrington Kennel Club:


     President (1999-2001).


     Vice President (1998, 2003).


     Secretary (1982-1998).

Chairman of numerous Club Events and Committees including Chairman of the All Breed Confirmation Show & Obedience Trial.

Member of Schipperke Club of America (since 1982).

Member of New England Rottweiler Fanciers (since1995).

Professional Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (since 1997).

Graduate of Top Dog School run by Jack & Wendy Volhard.

Recipient of Graines Medal Award for Good Sportsmanship (1989).

Recipient of silver medallion award from Great Barrington Club recognizing outstanding service to the club. (1999).

Gloria's interests and specialty is teaching puppy classes and pet dog training. She feels any dog deserves the right to have an education and to stay in their home for life. She has kept abreast of training techniques and behavior methods by attending lectures, seminars and workshops. Her greatest knowledge has come from 25 years of working with human and canine students, as well as competing with her own dogs for almost 30 years.


Mike McClay - Vice President of Canine Connection

Mike works outside the business as The Animal Control Officer and State Animal Inspector for the towns of Dalton, Lanesboro and Hinsdale. He also works for the town of Dalton's 911 dispatch. He is the Treasurer for the Great Barrington Kennel Club and has been a club member since 1994.

Mike served in the Vietnam War and in the late 60's awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He is a master Scuba Diver and former diving instructor.

Mike's love and respect for dogs is evident whenever students enter the facility, as he knows every dog by name. He is well versed in advising students about proper equipment, training and behavioral issues.


Bill Craig

Training dogs for Obedience for twenty-five years.

Obedience titles on four German Shepherd Dogs in the United States and Canada.

Currently campaigning Sniper Vom Sitz Von Der Hose CDX in the US and Canada (see picture).

Instructed Obedience Classes For:


     Great Barrington Kennel Club.


     Pittsfield Dog Obedience Club.

American Kennel Club Obedience Judge Novice Class (P).

Australian Shepherd Club Of America (ASCA) All Obedience Classes .

Member of:


     Albany Obedience Club.


     Mohawk Hudson German Shepherd Dog Club.


     German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Former Training Director - Pittsfield Dog Obedience Club.

Obedience Chairman - Great Barrington Kennel Club. Mohawk Hudson GSDC, Albany Obedience Club.

Bill has a unique style and specialty in obedience competition training. He is well versed in AKC Competition rules and regulations. He teaches proper footwork, rhythm and body posture to his human students, as well as motivational techniques to be used with canine students. 

Bill consistently competes in the obedience ring and has kept abreast of new techniques and theories in handling throughout his career.


  Carol Lawrence

Has taught Dog Obedience classes – Beginners as well as Advanced – for over 20 years.

Sponsored by the Great Barrington Kennel Club in Great Barrington, MA.

Also taught and/or assisted other classes in Pittsfield, MA area for:


     Pittsfield Dog Obedience Club.


     Berkshire Dog Training.


     Berkshire Canine Services.

Currently teaching Rally Obedience for Canine Connection.

Owned and trained dogs:


     7 Shetland Sheepdogs to an AKC Companion Dog Degree Degree – we are on our way to the next level with my latest Sheltie – Companion
     Dog Excellent.


     A Border Collie to her AKC Companion Dog Excellent Degree – we are working on the next level – Utility Dog.

Member of Great Barrington Kennel Club for over 25 years, spending much of that time doing:


     President – twice.




     Board of Directors member most of the time.


     Obedience Chairman for the Club.


     Many times Obedience or Rally Chairman for the Club’s August All-Breed Show & Obedience Trial.

Past member of:


     Western Massachusetts Shetland Sheepdog Club.


     American Herding Breeds Association.


     Capital Region Herding Club.

Member of:


     American Working Shetland Sheepdog Club.

Her real love is Herding. All but her first and last Shelties earned various herding titles from the AKC ( American Kennel Club), AHBA (American Herding Breeds Association), and ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America).

Another interest has been Agility. They have not been as involved with this as with Obedience and Herding, but the Border Collie has some legs towards her AKC Agility titles.



  Pam Lee

At an early age, Pam started training and showing her own dogs.  She married, started a family, and took a leave of absence from dog training.

Years later when her daughters were grown, she decided to volunteer at the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter in Pittsfield, MA and became their dog evaluator.

Pam started training one of her dogs, a Golden Retriever named Chance in 2004 at Canine Connection.  Pam and Chance trained through the Advanced level of classes and for the past 2 years has attended Rally Obedience.  Her future goal is to compete in this sport with Chance.

Pam came on staff at Canine Connection as an Assistant Dog Training Instructor and Groomer at Canine Connection in 2006.  Pam and her husband presently live with 19 dogs.  A reclusive gentleman who passed away in the earlier part of the year owned sixteen of these dogs.   Pam wanted to help the dogs that were feral, and brought them into her home.  Her goal is to train and socialize these dogs.  Ultimately the hope is to adopt them out through the shelter when they are ready to live in a home environment.


Candace Lusa

Competed in AKC Agility Trials for 9 years.

Earned Masters Titles on 3 Labrador Retrievers in both Standard and Jumpers classes.

Member of LEAP Agility Club.

Candy has kept herself current by training with some of the top competitors and trainers in the North East. She has current personal experience with some of the newer training methods for weave poles, contacts and jumping. Candy has learned to overcome challenges at both ends of the spectrum with each of her Labradors . These include issues such as the need for motivation to make time and channeling energy and gaining focus/control. Candy is currently competing with her 6 year old rescue Labrador Lexi and she is training a new 1 year old Labrador Maxx using the newer agility concepts such as 2x2 weave poles. Candy is currently teaching beginner agility classes at Canine Connection.


Jocelyn Kurdzionzak

Jocelyn began training in late 1999. She is currently competing her Parson Russell Terrier, Daisy Sue, in AKC and USDAA. They have qualified for and competed in the AKC agility nationals for the past 3 years. She and Daisy Sue earned their Agility Dog Championship in USDAA on July 5, 2009; a MACH 2 in AKC in March 2009; and a MACH 3 in October 2009. Daisy is in the Top Ten Parson Russell Terriers in AKC.

Jocelyn is also currently training Spike who is a rescue Parson Russell Terrier. Dylan, who was her first agility dog, has now retired.


Belinda Schultz

Belinda's involvement with dog training began when she started taking formal obedience lessons with her Siberian Husky, Abby. Abby earned her Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) in obedience and later on in agility titles.

She has also trained and competed with her Australian shepherd, two Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, and a golden retriever in various venues such as Agility, Hunting Retriever Tests, Rally, and Obedience.

Over the years, they have earned titles in obedience (CD,CDX,UD) Agility (MACH), Retriever Hunt Tests (SH) and Rally Obedience (RA).

She has trained under agility gurus such as Annie Pyle and Ali Roukas. She is always open to new teaching methods and utilizes what works with each individual dog and their handler. Her philosophy is to teach, teach, and teach some more. As well as testing and challenging the dog fairly when the lesson is finally understood.

She started training obedience under Betty Smith and William Craig and then became an obedience instructor at Canine Connection a couple years ago.


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